Installing and configuring Elasticsearch and Kibana on Windows Server 2019 Standard

In this post we will be Installing and Configuring Elasticsearch and Kibana version 7.5 on a Windows Server 2019 Standard edition.

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NSSM – the Non-Sucking Service Manager:

Installing Elasticsearch

Just install using default settings.

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Hint: I had issues installing Elasticsearch when using dynamic memory in Hyper-V.
Changing this to fixed amount of memory solved this issue.

Installing Kibana:

  • Download .zip and extract to default folder
  • Rename folder to Kibana-7.5.0
  • Move folder to final location. f.ex: C:\Program Files\Elastic\Kibana-7.5.0

Configure Kibana

I used default settings in this post. But if you want to customize your Kibana installation, you can do it in this file: C:\Program Files\Elastic\kibana-7.5.0\config\kibana.yml.

These are the common settings to change:

  • “localhost”
  • server.port: 5601
  • “your-hostname”
  • elasticsearch.hosts: [“http://localhost:9200”]

Setup Kibana as a Service

To get Kibana running as a Windows service – we will use a little tool called NSSM (the Non-Sucking Service Manager).

  • Open a Command Prompt
  • Run: cd C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\nssm-2.24\win64
  • Run: nssm install Kibana
  • Select kibana.bat file in C:\Program Files\Elastic\kibana-7.5.0\bin
  • Run: nssm start kibana

Goto: http://localhost:5601 and check that Kibana is up and running.

And that it!. Installing and Configuring Elasticsearch and Kibana is a simple task that can be done in less than 30 mins.

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